Best 3 Penis Pumps for Bigger Dick

If you’re thinking about penis pumps because you want longer, stronger and bigger erections, then this infomation has to be considered a “must-read” for you.

Take a few moments, maybe grab a snack and let this information soak in because it is critically important to your future sexual life.

In a minute, you’ll find out

  • which penis pumps are the best,
  • how pumps actually work,
  • if they can effectively treat erectile dysfunction [ED], and
  • if they are worth purchasing at all.

Take a moment, settle in, and then let’s get started!

Which Pump Is the Best?

With so many options for this product on the market today, it can be quite difficult to select the right device that will create the best results for you.

How Do You Choose the Right Penis Pump?

Selecting the right pump can be a bit tricky at times. In order to begin the selection process, you must determine why exactly you need a pump in the first place!

Take a look at the comparison table below to get started.

The top 3 penis pumps are:

hydromaxHYDROMAX bathmateBathmate penometPenomet
Best for: Rock hard erections
Bigger dick
Instant results
Improve sexual stamina
Powerful orgasms
Harder Erection
Quality Best Best Good
Satisfaction Guaranteed Good Good
User’s rating 5 of 5 4 of 5 3 of 5
60 Day Money Back
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  • HYDROMAX: Rated #1: This is a water-assisted device that can be used in the shower or tub.

    It can also be used as a conventional air-pump. Hydro MAX is the best one because it is specifically made for delivering big, hard erections and increasing stamina in less than 7 min.

  • Bathmate: The extra suction power delivered by this device enables you to get a rock-hard erection quickly. It is considered a complete sexual training device which helps you with much more than just penis enlargement. It is a very good, reputable product.
  • Penomet: This penis pump comes equipped with 5 gaiters and is very effective at correcting penis curvature and erection problems.

the best penis pumpThe most important feature to consider when purchasing the right pump, however, is a vacuum limiter.

This is a very useful tool as it works to prevent pressure from getting too high in the pump, which could injure your penis.

Although more pressure tends to equate to a harder erection, there’s a balance to be had so that you don’t receive a permanent injury, yet still get a massive, rock-solid erection every single time.

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Why Are Water Pumps Better?

Water-assisted devices are easier to use and a bit more effective, but they are also usually more expensive than your typical air pump.

The reason why HydroMAX™ water-assisted pumps are better is because it is safer and more effective!

Water eliminates the air compression and expansion that causes blood to be drawn into the penis irregularly at times, creating pockets of excessive enlargement that can bruise and could even be a trigger for the development of conditions such as Peyronies Disease. With water, this issue just doesn’t exist!

How Do Penis Pumps Work?

Imagine putting your dick into the airless environment of outer space. What would happen?

The vacuum would suck blood from your body into your dick and try to force it out through your skin. Talk about having a raging boner! The same principle applies with a penis pump.

how-it-worksIn a vacuumed environment, you’re creating pressure inside your penis and the resulting change in blood flow allows the Corpora Cavernosa to expand.

The more these tissues expand, the more your natural blood flow is brought through your penis.

Slip on a restriction ring once you’ve completed your erection and you’ll have a harder, larger erection that will last at least 30 minutes for most guys, including men with ED.

You might notice after the process is complete that your erection looks a little unnatural – it’s normal. With increased blood flow comes changes in color that may resemble a bruise.

Are Penis Pumps Right For You?

big-dickThere’s a question you’ve got to ask yourself: are you trying to find a pump because you want bigger, harder erections?

Research has proven that this equipment works in a vast majority of men, upwards of 80% in fact, and this includes guys who have been unable to achieve an erection in the past.

Get the best Hydro penis pump for BIGGER & harder dick

Air pumps are generally the ones seen in advertisements, but if you can locate a good water-assisted hydro pump, you’ll be a happier guy.

Hydro pumps are safer and more effective than the air-based one.

You can use them discreetly in a bathroom or other quiet area and achieve the results you want in about 15 minutes or so. From there, the rest is up to you!

Should You Be Using a Penis Pump?

The primary reason why a penis pump is considered for use is because of a weak erection.

great-sexFor guys looking to enlarge the size of their penis, a pump is also a viable option. If you are tired of using penis pills that haven’t worked like you thought they would or you’re tired of the side effects of the medication your doctor has prescribed to help with your ED, then you might be very satisfied with this option!

Water-assisted pumps are much safer because the moisture provides the optimal amount of vacuum that is necessary for a safe result.

The water limits the amount of vacuum that can be created, so instead of sticking your dick into a simulation of outer space with vacuum pressure creating blood flow, you’ve got a safe amount of consistent pressure that will replicate how your body would normally increase blood to your penis when you’re feeling aroused. You will not be forced into unsafe pressure zones.

Have You Tried Weak Erection Treatments In the Past?

Pumps are one of the few treatments that are available to guys who suffer from a weak erection, which is defined as the inability to maintain a strong erection or stay hard enough to have mind-blowing sex tonight. They’re an equally good treatment for ED (erection problems). Here’s why:

  • Effective. When used correctly, over 80% of guys will be able to sustain an erection long enough to have sex. Eliminate the figure for guys who suffer from ED and the percentage climbs even higher.
  • Less risk. There are fewer risks of side effects, physical damage, and other complications with a pump than other treatments for ED.
  • Cheaper. A pump is one of the most cost-effective treatments for ED. It doesn’t require medication, surgery, or painful injections that are sometimes the preferred treatment options.
  • Safe to use. If you are taking other ED treatments or you’ve had an implant installed, a pump can work safely in conjunction with your current treatment plan. Most guys with ED benefit from a combination of treatments to create an effective plan.

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Vibrating Pumps For Erectile Dysfunction

get ready for great sexMaybe you’ve seen the pumps that offer an option for vibration. These can help you achieve an erection more quickly! This occurs because of the dual-action of the vibration and the vacuum. It expands the Corpora Cavernosa in such a way that blood flows even more quickly into the penis, stimulating arousal through the release of hormones that further enhance the process. If you need extra stimulation, this is the best choice for you.

Are There Other Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction?

Outside of the pumps, there are 3 basic treatments used for ED today:

  • Oral medications, but according to WebMD, about a third of all guys don’t respond to this treatment at all.
  • Penile implants, but this involves surgically implanting two inflatable cylinders into the penis. The risks of this involve infections and malfunctions because guys are pumping saline solution from an implant in their groin into the second implant in their scrotum to get an erection.
  • Injections, but this means guys must give themselves a shot in the penis right before sex. The shot relaxes the blood vessels and allows for better blood flow so that an erection can occur. Scarring and painful erections are two of the common side effects.

That’s why many guys look into penis pumps because they are a pain-free, non-invasive yet still effective solution that eliminates the possibility of debilitating side effects.

How Do You Use a Penis Pump?

After you’ve decided on the right product to use, here are a few pointers to consider when first getting started:

  1. First, place the plastic tube over your penis.
  2. Next, use the attached pump to create a vacuum inside of the tube. This will pull blood into your penis.
  3. Once you begin to see an erection forming, slip the rubber constriction ring around the base of your penis. This will help you maintain your erection by keeping blood inside the penis.
  4. Remove the device. You’re ready for action!

As you get used to using your new pump, you may discover that it takes a few minutes longer to achieve an erection after the first few uses. This is completely normal. That’s just your body adjusting to the new process. You also don’t want to leave the rubber ring around the base of your penis for longer than 30 minutes because you could injure yourself and impact your circulatory system in a negative way.

What Should You Expect After Using a Penis Pump?

have-great-sexGuys that only use the device once will notice a penis that is longer, thicker, and heavier. Many guys notice a difference in both length and girth when fully aroused and when their penis is in a flaccid state. For guys with smaller than average penis size, the noticeable difference tends to be more pronounced. After you have sex, you’ll notice a reduction in size over the course of these next few hours.

A penis pump won’t provide you with an overnight miracle, but over time you may be able to train your body to create a natural, permanent increase.

Just as a bodybuilder requires time to create muscle mass through dedicated workouts and dietary practices, so it is with a guy who is using a penis pump. Over time, your body adjusts to the activities and will naturally adjust. Many guys see a noticeable, permanent increase in the first 3 months of use.

In Conclusion…

So we come back to the original thought: should you be using a pump?

best-penis-pumpThe answer depends upon what your desires happen to be. An interest in the subject is a good place to start and when used correctly, there is very little risk in trying one for yourself. If you believe it will help, then take the plunge and get one based on the needs you need to have fulfilled. Just choose a medically approved device with a money-back guarantee so that if the quality of the product or the results achieved don’t meet your expectations, you can get at least a portion of your money back.

Most guys don’t want someone to perform surgery on their penis and I can’t say that I blame them: I wouldn’t want that either! Penis pills have side-effects and when you purchase cheap pills online, you’re essentially gambling on what you’ll receive. That’s unacceptable as well!

Hydro MAX Pump, on the other hand, is reasonably priced and a proven treatment for ED. The erections may not feel completely real and there may be a desensitization because of the increased blood flow, but many men are highly satisfied with the results that can be achieved. Even if you get an erection that feels a bit like a sponge or may be a bit purplish in color, isn’t that better than not having an erection at all?

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For guys that struggle with achieving hard erections, the answer is a definite Yes!