Bathmate Review – Hercules & Goliath

It’s my pleasure to present to you this Bathmate review – a simple, easy-to-use, high-quality, water-assisted penis pump designed to boost your sexual satisfaction in no time.

bathmate reviewWhy do I love the Bathmate penis pump?

  • Made in the UK, it adheres to the world’s best quality standards and costs only $110 – what more can you ask for? You can’t find a better deal.
  • It is safe – made from specially selected phthalate-free, skin-safe and medical-grade materials.
  • Guaranteed results or a full refund – it comes with a 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

What is Bathmate?

This is the first and original hydro penis pump range. It is available in two sizes – Hercules and Goliath.

Please note: Bathmate is NOT equal to Bath-Mate!

Be aware that Bath-Mate, although it looks similar, is a completely different product that is beyond the scope of this Bathmate review. We review only high-quality, genuine products with proven track records that have been around long enough for us to determine what real customers say about their real experiences with the particular products we review.

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hersules-reviewWhat is Hercules?

Ideal for beginners, Hercules, also known as Bathmate, is made by Hydromax. The top manufacturer of water penis pumps is widely recognized as one of the best male enhancement solutions for men aged 18 to 45 years. It has been sold more than 300 000 times in 60 countries, serving men with erection problems all over the globe.

The thing that turned this easy-to-use penis enhancer into a bestseller is its unique, simple design that provides both top-notch comfort and amazing results.

Hercules’ secret is simple – The Right Product at The Right Time.

Eight years ago there was a gap in the market, with no real and efficient penis enhancement solution that men could use safely at home.

There were penis stretchers, supplements and surgery, but none of these offered the simplicity and effectiveness for which men had been looking.

Thanks to the power of water, all Bathmate penis pumps, including Hercules, can be used not only by men with erection problems, but as penis enlargement devices that you can use safely at home with no medical supervision.

Hercules is the cheapest Bathmate water penis pump made by Hydromax.

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What is Goliath?

In simple words, the only difference between Goliath and Hercules is the size (and the price).


Goliath is bigger, made for those of you who are already well endowed but who still want to improve erection quality and overall penis health. Yep, eight years ago, the original Bathmate reviewed were not made with penis enlargement in mind. The Bathmate, being the most unique product of its time, became so popular that demand for it led to the launch of Goliath in 2008.

rated-1Now, eight years later, Bathmate is still at the top of the penis enhancement market.

Thanks to extensive research, years of lab tests, the synthesis of new technologies and feedback from real users, now you can choose between a complete set of great penis pumps, all made strictly by following stringent medical and quality standards.

Thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong – our Bathmate review has found that, for sure, you will get a good product that works as expected.

What can Bathmate do for you?

  • great-sex-benefitsImprove your penis health so that you get harder, longer lasting erections for great sex
  • Stimulate the natural penis growth process so that you can get a bigger penis

Why is Bathmate such a great product?

All Bathmate reviews confirm it can be used without water, but water is what makes it two times more efficient than any air pump. Water, because it is incompressible, distributes suction power more evenly along the entire penis than does air, so more blood flows into your penis chambers. More blood means a bigger erection. Think of it like a balloon – the more air you put in it, the bigger and harder it gets, right? But there is a limit; you don’t want the balloon to pop, just like you don’t want too much blood to fill your dick.

There is a fine line between the biggest possible erection you can get and your safety. With air pumps, you must pay special attention to the vacuum you create, so you need a gauge to measure it. With the Bathmate water pump, you just can’t cross the red safety line. It’s that easy – the suction power is distributed precisely and evenly along the entire penis shaft, so just know when to stop.

The result is a natural-feeling, biggest possible erection that lasts longer than if you didn’t use the pump.

On top of this, the penis pump enlarges the entire penis, not just the foreskin.

How to use the Bathmate penis pump?

Bathmate can be used in the bath or shower, which is great, as you should always take a bath before sex – there’s nothing more seductive than a fresh, nice-smelling, clean body ‘equipped’ with a big and straight erect penis, isn’t there? Try it and you will see the difference in your girl’s eyes.

how-to-use-bathmateWhen you are taking your bath, your genitals will relax and the warm water will ensure maximum comfort during your pumping session. Don’t worry if your penis is not erect; in fact, for best results it is recommended that you pump your penis is its flaccid state.

When you fill the pump with water, put your penis inside and press the pump several times against your body until you create a vacuum.

See how your penis grows.

Stop and wait for a few minutes, then push the valve on the top to release the pressure. Relax and repeat three times.

When you remove the pump you might notice a slight decrease in your erection, which is normal – building a bigger penis takes time, so you should repeat this simple exercise every time you take a bath.

How to have better and more frequent sex with Bathmate?

Getting a bigger and harder erection is only the visible effect you get when you use the Bathmate penis pump. What happens under the scene is improvement in your penis health – you are improving blood flow to the penis shaft and increasing the Corpora Cavernosa’s capacity to hold more blood.

There is a medical term that summarizes all these changes, and it is called “ultimate penis enhancement.”

Increased penis sensitivity is the other long-term benefit of using the Bathmate Hercules.

have-better-sexIn simple words, what you get is increased sexual pleasure in terms of longer instances of sexual intercourse, ending with stronger orgasms. Improved blood flow leads to an increased sex drive and stamina.

  • You have better sex more often.
  • Both you and your partner will enjoy stronger, more powerful orgasms.

How to order the original penis pump?

You can buy Hercules from multiple online retailers and local sex shops, but when you order from the official website you get a 60-day money-back guarantee and … privacy protection.

Ordering on-line is easy and secure. Your privacy is 100% protected, so nobody knows what you have ordered. The delivery is fast, and the product arrives in a plain box. Your bank statement is clear.

On top of that, all online purchases are subject to $69 OFF when you upgrade to the Bathmate Bundle – an offer available only on the official website.

Last but not least, the official site offers anonymous and free live chat support ready to help you with all the answers you need before you pay – a feature I really love and use.

Still not sure after reading this Bathmate review? Click here to watch this video.

Bathmate Hercules Review Summary:

  • This is the cheapest water penis pump on the market.
  • It works – 97 out of 100 men are satisfied with the results.
  • It is 100% safe. Ordering is secure. Your privacy is protected.

If you are thinking about improving your sexual performance or have minor erection problems, then the Bathmate Hercules is your best choice.

For men with more severe erection problems and those who want to increase penis size or correct penis curvature, the Hydromax X-30 and XTREME series would be a better choice because they provide a higher level of comfort and more suction power while being as easy and safe to use as the Hercules—or more so.


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