Before and After Results of using a Hydro Penis Pump

By far, my penis pump before and after results are here to confirm that Hydromax for male enhancement is the most effective at-home solution for men wanting to bump their sexual life to the next level.

It’s simple, easy to use, and takes only a few minutes a day to see the great results, noticeable by you and your partner in bed. Here, on this page, I will share with you my personal before and after results of using the Hydromax X-30 hydro penis pump for almost a year – so far so good.

Please take note, it might take time for all health benefits to pop up, but this may be the most well-spent time in your life.

How did I start?

  • GeorgeI am George – 30 years old with a master’s degree in landscape architecture – I am self-employed – I started my own landscape company 3 years ago in Ann Arbor, MI. Happily married to the love of my life with 2 children.
  • Before I met Beatrice, I was in love with 4 girls, but it just didn’t happen – at first, I was too shy and green (didn’t know how to kiss and hug) then… sex was not good enough to keep girls interested in being with me. I know what they say about chemistry, love, magic, etc., but believe me or not, if you don’t make your girl happy in bed, you will lose her sooner or later.
  • My dick was slightly curved downward, 5.6 inch in length when erect (approx.), and I had sex 2 – 3 times a week on average (is this too few?)

After the last love break with Emily, I was focused on my education. I was working hard to forget and overcome the heartbreak and thanks to this, I learned a lot of new things. Now, I am a proud owner of my company with 3 employees.

But, it was not only a career building time.

I worked hard to level up my sexual education, read tons of books and articles on how to make or break my next relationship, how to make a girl want to live with me for the rest of her life… how to make her happy both in bed and in her daily routine.

Besides learning all that stuff, you may find how to be a romantic, gentle, kissing, and better sex advice; etc. I decided to see if a hydro penis pump could add extra sexual power and enjoyment under the sheets. I wanted to test if these great penis pump before and after results you may find are real.

hydromax-x-30Why did I choose the Hydromax X-30 Water Penis Pump?

I wanted to try the best possible penis enhancement product all around. The in-depth research showed me there is not a good alternative to the Hydromax penis pump before and after results.

So, I ordered the X-30 model (this size fits perfectly to my dick, it is easy to use, durable and comfortable; made with medical plastic and comes with a full set of accessories). If $300 is too much for you, then the base Hercules model, for $110, will do the same job (this is the same pump with no accessories).

What I did

Using this hydro pump is easy. It comes in a blank box packaged with a detailed user guide inside.

You take a bath, then fill up the hydro pump with water, pump 2-3 times and see your penis grow. Wait a minute and release the vacuum. Massage your dick gently with hands and repeat this 5 times. Keep your dick semi-erect, which is tricky at first – I always get erect when I play with my genitals, but thanks to the warm water, you will soon find your way to do it.

During the first week, I used the pump 2 times a week. Next week, I used it 3 times and so on. It is recommended, for best results, to use the hydro pump once a day for 15 minutes.

Penis Pump Before and After Results.

I am sorry, but I can’t share my pictures anymore, or I risk getting sued for distributing erotica…


First use result:

I noticed immediate results after the first usage of the hydro penis pump – I saw how my dick grew in size, but 10 minutes later, it dropped back to its original state and size. I did not have sex then, so I didn’t know what to expect.

Second use result (after 2 days break)

Again, I saw immediate penis grown when using the pump, but again… my dick went back to its normal state, quickly after going out of the bath. I did not have sex that time, either, but I was aroused enough, so I masturbated… erection was hard, and I noticed slight increase in sensitivity. Orgasm was more powerful than the other times I masturbated (sometimes I do it – it helps me learn and control my body; I imagine it is real, and I try to control my ejaculation to last as long as possible; I learned masturbation is one of the best ways to master the start stop technique that always ends up with a strong, mind-blowing orgasm).

After two weeks, I was discouraged – yes, you see results while you are pumping your dick, but everything went back, soon after you stop doing it. I put the hydro pump away and gave up.

A month later I gave it a second try. There are so many positive penis pump before and after results, reviews, and feedback online, so it can’t be impossible for me to see long-term benefits, I thought.

My second try: pumping my dick every day for 10-12 minutes.


When I used the hydro pump daily, I noticed the before and after results I was looking for as I started to get more better erections more quickly.

It looked like the pump worked for me as penis enhancement solution. When you pump your dick, it gets filled with more blood, and thanks to the suction power, the penis chambers (things that holds blood inside your penis) expand in all directions, so you get bigger erections. I noticed a slight increase in my penis size in both erect and flaccid states. The improvement was not as big as they say in the ads, but this is fairly normal. I prefer to play it safe and not use the highest possible vacuum power, plus you know, ads are always too good to be 100% true…

True-loveThree months later:

I definitely had to say how happy I was with my hydro penis pump. The results are better, size increase is bigger and more noticeable than before. My erections are harder and more frequent than before.

Six months later…

I have been with Beatrice for 2 months, so far, and I continue to use my pump. At first, I was shy and tried my best to keep it private, not telling her what I am doing in the bath. It was easy because we lived separately. We had good (if not great) sex together. I don’t know for sure if this was because of all the new things I learned over the last year or thanks to the health benefits of using my hydro penis pump, but I really enjoyed the time we were together.

I continued to use the pump. It gives me the confidence I needed be great in bed with Beatrice. And I see the improvements – my penis curvature decreased, which I like, and believe Beatrice likes as well…

One year later.

I am still using my penis pump. It looks like new (I take care of all the important things I have) and still does a great job for me. I can’t imagine my sexual life without it. My penis is straighter and looks bigger. Erections are always good, strong, and come in the right time to have great sex.


I will no longer update this page, because there is not much to add here. I continue to use my pump, because I see it works, and I notice no side effects (my health is top priority, so I would be the first one to scream if this is not healthy for you and me). I highly recommend you use this vacuum device as directed. You might not see the penis pump before and after results as quickly as you might want, but take my word, playing it safe pays off in the long term. Life is good, and let’s enjoy it in full.

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