Everything You Need To Know About Vacuum Devices

One of the fastest ways to get a bigger penis right away is through the use of a penis vacuum pump. They are often used for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction because they draw blood into penile tissues to cause an erection, but this medical device can be used in a number of different ways. Imagine being able to:

  • have a noticeably larger penis that is permanent in as little as 6 weeks;
  • have stronger erections and an increased sexual drive; and
  • have orgasms that are more explosive and pleasurable than ever before!

self-confidenceThat’s the reality that penis pumps can bring to a guy’s life. It is also why guys who don’t have any problems pitching a tent are turning to this device so that they can have an increased confidence with every sexual experience.

Self-confidence can soar with regular use of a penis pump, but many guys have questions about using this device for the first time. Let’s take a look at the most common questions guys ask and get them answered for you right now!

good-vacuum-deviceWhat Is a Vacuum Device?

A vacuum device helps to draw blood into a guy’s dick so an erection can be achieved. Air is removed from the device and this creation of a vacuum naturally draws blood into tissues that may not be receiving proper blood flow. It affixes securely to a guy’s body and then, once the erection is achieved, there is a retention ring that is slipped on at the base of the penis to keep the blood in the penile tissues. Some guys may not need the retention ring to keep their erection.

Are They Safe?

When used correctly, these gadgets are very safe and help a vast majority of guys be able to enjoy sex more than they could before. According to some estimates, upwards of 80% of guys can achieve some form of a beneficial result by using this medical device. The reason why some guys have a poor experience with their pump is that they end up using it incorrectly.

The key to a good pumping experience is to limit the amount of pressure that is placed on your penis. You don’t want too much pressure because you could cause an injury, but too little pressure and you won’t achieve a result. That’s why finding a device with an automatic limiter is a great investment to make because it will help to increase your safety.

enlarge-penis-sizeCan It Actually Enlarge Penis Size?

Absolutely! Pumps work to increase the size of your dick in both flaccid and aroused states immediately. Over time, your penis will return to its normal size, and then you simply repeat the process whenever you wish. If you make using a penis pump part of your normal routine, you can begin to see permanent results in the size of your penis as well. It could be in as little as 6 weeks, but it can sometimes take up to 6 months or more for any noticeable permanent results. The benefit, however, is that the pump is a one-time investment and you can use it as much or as little as you want!

Are There Any Disadvantages?

A small minority of guys notice that their sexual performance changes when their penile tissues are stretched out. When a pump is used incorrectly, unwanted side effects may also occur or even an injury depending on the amount of excessive pressure that is used. For guys who suffer from erectile dysfunction, their erection may look bluish, reddish, or even have a purple hue to it because of the amount of blood their tissues contain.

When used correctly, penis pumps are a very wise investment that will pay off with permanent dividends.