The Hydro Penis Pump For When Size Really Does Matter

It has been a long beheld belief that the size of a man’s penis really has little effect on a woman’s sexual enjoyment. However, new studies reveal that while in most cases this belief tends to hold true for some women size really does matter and more importantly it matters to men themselves.

penometCountless studies show that men with larger penises tend to be more self confident in and out of bed. This confidence leads some men to actually perform lovingly in bed as they feel secure about themselves. Men who have smaller penises tend to be less secure overall. Some men’s size makes them question themselves in bed which can lead to difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection.

For years vacuum penis pumps have been used to help men with erectile dysfunction achieve and maintain an erection allowing them to enjoy sexual intercourse, however until recently these devices were not designed to actually helped to exercise the penis and enable it to grow in either length or girth. Until now. With the introduction of the hydro penis pump a few years ago men are not only achieving erections they are finding that this device actually exercises their penis and may help it to become longer and thicker.

What is A Hydro Penis Pump

hydro-pumpA hydro penis pump is a vacuum penis pump that uses the expulsion of water rather than air from the pump to encourage blood flow to penis. Studies by manufacturers of these devices show that by using water instead of air to create the vacuum the penis tends to be at less risk for tissue damage and is able to increase the blood flow to the organ in significant amounts to actually increase both the length and the diameter of the penis.

This device exercises the penis just like you exercise other parts of the body. Exercises increase blood flow and improve overall muscle health resulting in both a firmer and longer lasting temporary erection and strengthening the penis and providing a steady flow of the blood to the organ. Manufacturers claim that this results in more frequent, larger, and longer lasting erections for some men.

How Does the Hydro Penis Pump Work?

how-to-useA hydro penis pump is actually a simple one piece device.

It consists of a solid cylinder, and an according pleated section and a ring that seals to the base of your organ. You fill the cylinder with water and seal the pump to the base of your penis. You then simply press the pump towards your body forcing water from the tip of the cylinder and leaving a vacuum that draws blood into the organ and surrounding area causing your erection to grow.

Do keep in mind that like any type of exercise it is important to warm up your body and particularly the penis before applying the devise. This can easily be done right in the shower.

Once the device is in place and the vacuum has brought blood to the organ it is recommended that leave on the pump for 15 minutes before releasing it and removing it.

What Makes the Hydro Pump Better than Air Vacuum Penis Pumps?

You are probably wondering by now, what makes the Hydro pump better than the air penis pumps that have been around several years longer. Here are just a few reasons why the using the water based devise is better.

  • Air pumps may bring disproportionate amounts of airs into the chambers of the penis resulting in sometimes bending and bulging the penis unnaturally. This is not the case with the water version of these devices.
  • While both devices be used for certain types of erectile dysfunction, the constant pumping action that is needed to maintain the vacuum function of air VEDs poses an increased risk of tissue and vascular damage.

Hydro penis pumps may well be worth considering both as an aid to erectile dysfunction and a way to increase your penis size and self confidence.