Hydromax X-20, X-30 & X-40 Series Review

It has always been tricky to review a best-selling product that everybody talks about positively. The Hydromax X-Series is no exception; it is the most popular, most used, most liked penis pump ever.

Can all those positive online Hydromax reviews and that positive customer feedback be genuine?

Is this really the best penis enhancement pump that money can buy?

hydromax-x-seriesHydromax Review: Let’s see what you get

According to the official website, the X-Series is 35% more powerful than the standard hydro penis pump. Plus, it comes with a new comfort pad for more safety and comfort.

What this means is that you should get bigger dick more quickly.

The X-Series comes in 3 sizes – X-20, X-30 and X-40. They are identical in design. Although the X-30 fits most men, on the official website there is an online tool to help you choose the right size, along with advice on how to properly measure your penis.

When we tested various products to write this comprehensive Hydromax review we have found out that choosing the right size is important – you won’t feel comfortable with a smaller pump and there is no need to spend extra cash for a bigger one if you don’t need it. In fact, choosing the right size for you will improve your results and help you save some bucks.

How to use the Hydromax X-Series for maximum results

All you need to do is fill up the pump with water and put your penis inside, press the pump towards your body to throw some water out, and generate the suction power. Hold on a minute and release. Let your penis relax (gently massaging with your free hand will help) and then repeat the exercise. You should repeat all this 3 times in 7-8 minutes. Work done.

x-series-bundleThe X-Series bundle review:

When you order from the official Hydromax website after choosing the right pump size, you land on a page that offers you the chance to upgrade to a bundle and save $69 – should you take this offer?

With a bundle, you get the Original Hydromax Best pump, plus:

  • Shower Strap – helps when you use the pump under the shower
  • Cleaning Kit – your intimate health should not be forgotten
  • Capsule Case – helps you keep everything in place, clean and tidy; locked away from curious eyes
  • Pleasure Lube – did you look for a penis pump because you actually wanted to level up your sexual experience? Well, this lube does a great job when natural lubrication is not sufficient

Truth be told, this is a great deal. I really like the shower strap and the case definitely helps keep all the parts clean and away from family eyes.


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Don’t worry if you are not sure whether you need the accessories listed above; each of them can be ordered later if you need to. Just keep in mind that ordering a bundle is always cheaper than placing several separate orders, plus everything comes with a money-back guarantee, so you are protected in terms of working with a trusted manufacturer.

Hydromax Review: Important things to know

I keep getting emails from guys asking me if penis enlargement is possible.

bigger-penisAnd my answer always is … it depends… on YOU.

Let me explain.

Penis enlargement takes time and effort. It cannot be done overnight, but thanks to new technologies and technical progress in the 21st century, there are ways to make your life easier.

The Hydromax water penis pump is really easy to use, and it will not take more than 15 minutes a day to achieve your goal. If you can’t invest 15 minutes per day, you better give up on penis enhancement right now. You won’t find an easier, simpler way to improve your penis size, erection hardness, overall penis health and sexual life.

doctor-endorsedHydromax is 100% safe to use.

It works.

You’ll notice erection improvements after the first use. The more you use it, the better the results you’ll get.

Hydromax X-30 vs. other penis pumps

The Hydromax is a water-based penis pump designed to be used in the bathtub or shower. Water pumps are more effective than the old-fashioned air penis pumps, so you’ll see results faster.

Hydromax is medically tested and endorsed by doctors for ED treatment. It not only improves your erection, but it provides a number of health benefits such as improved blood flow and sexual stamina, better sensitivity and virility. You are more likely to experience stronger orgasms thanks to prolonged sexual intercourse and increased penis size.

warningBeware of cheap imitations and knock-offs. The original Hydromax comes with:

  • New system providing 35% more power for better, faster results
  • Comfort base for easy use
  • Super flow latch valve, which means no more leaking like Penomet and Hercules

Hydromax is simple to use and can be operated with one hand.

  • It uses water, so there is no chance of over-pumping. 100% safe.
  • Erection is harder, lasts longer and feels natural as opposed to the sponge erections you get with cheaper air pumps.
  • Hydromax has been approved as a penis enlargement solution.

x-30Hydromax X-30 review final thoughts

My research and personal experience with the X-30 make me believe that this is the best penis pump for a number of reasons – you can’t find a better deal if you are serious about your penis health. Even if you are well-sized and have no erection problems, Hydromax can improve your sex life.

However, you should be aware that regardless of how much you dream for a bigger penis, you should never make a compromise for your health. There are cheaper products all around with strong ads and bold claims for faster results, but please take your time to research this sensitive topic before tapping into a venture. Having a bigger penis is one thing; penis enhancement is another.

Hydromax has a proven track record. The company has been around for years. Lab-tested, medically approved; doctor-recommended; thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong.

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