Tips To Improve Your Penis Pumping

Using a penis pump is one of the safest, most effective ways for guys to achieve a strong, hard erection that is bigger than ever before. In as little as 15 minutes, you can have a massive erection, not only visually impressive to you, but also satisfying to your partner in immeasurable ways.

There are three types of penis pumps – electrical, air, and hydro pumps.

Before you start, you should choose the right penis pump for you:

  • Measure your penis to check your size
  • Decide between electrical, air, or water pump
  • Determine your main goal e.g. improving your erections, straightening your penis, or increasing the penis size.

hydromax-xtremeFor best results, we advise you use the Hydromax hydro pump in the shower or in the bath, because this way, you are working on all aspects of ultimate male enhancement to get better and harder erections for your bigger and straighter penis.

Using a penis pump is easy:

  • Place your penis inside the plastic tube.
  • Squeeze the handball (if your pump has it) or push the pump towards your pelvic area a few times to create a vacuum inside the tube.
  • Wait a minute and Re-pump to maintain pressure.
  • Remove the device and gently massage your penis to improve blood flow and penis growth.
  • Repeat this 3 to 5 times for only 15 minutes.

If you are going to use a pump, right before having sex, you may put a rubber ring on the base of your erected penis, as this helps you maintain the increased erection longer to have great sex. Don’t leave the tension ring in place for over 30 minutes — cutting off blood flow for too long is not healthy.

maximum-sexual-satisfactionHere’s what to do for maximum results:

  • Use a powerful hydro pump.
  • Make sure your pump has a comfort pad.
  • Take a warm shower before using a pump.
  • Start slowly and slightly increase the vacuum power.
  • Do five sessions for 15 minutes – pump for one minute, hold for one minute. and rest for one minute while massaging your penis. The next time pump it more and rest for a less.
  • Take a contrast shower.

To help make your penis pumping more effective, we’ve put together an FAQ to help you improve the performance of the device.

Q: How often in a day to use a penis pump?
A: Use your penis pump once a day.

Q: Should they use a pump every day?
A: Beginners should use a pump 2 to 3 times a week, then you can use it daily.

Q: How long to use a penis pump?
A: For best results, use the pump for 15-20 minutes a day or every 2 days.

Q: Are there any exercises / workouts / to maximize the result, while keeping it safe?
A: Do five sessions for 15 minutes – pump for one minute, hold for one minute, and rest for one minute, while massaging your penis. The next time, pump it more and rest for a less.

Q: What is the best way to use a penis pump?
A: Hydro penis pumps work best when used in the shower or the bath, but can also be used in air.

Q: What is the right way to use a penis pump safely?
A: Due to the power of water, hydro penis pumps are safer that the air and electrical pumps.

Q: What should I do before and after using a pump?
A: As with every workout, you should warm-up by taking a shower before using a pump and release by massaging your penis after the pumping session.

Tip #1: Use a High Quality Hydromax Pump

Remember, you will get the results you pay for.

Cheap devices can provide a result, but not necessarily a maximized result!

A quality hydromax penis pump will contain a built-in vacuum limiter, so you can apply the highest possible level of pressure, while keeping it within the safe limits. This helps provide better, consistent results that can make your dick bigger and straight.

Tip #2: Use Water Pumps

If you’ve always used air pumps and never tried a water one, then you’ve never experienced how easy and effective the pumping process can be. When you’ve got all the power of water to work for you, while protecting your penis from over pumping, you’ll get a better overall result, time after time, when compared to the performance of an old fashioned air-only pump.

Tip #3: Exercise Your Penis before You Pump

Before you pump, it helps to stretch out your penile tissues a little, so they are more receptive to blood flow. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through a technique, called “jelqing.”

Jelqing helps to draw more blood into the Corpora Cavernosa, right before applying the suction power. This creates micro gaps between the penile tissue cells. These gaps will be replaced by new and healthy cells; therefore, when pumped, the penis will not only gain more length, but will also gain thickness . After about 5 minutes of this exercise, just place your penis inside the pumping tube and see it grow.

bigdickTip #4: Less Is Always More

Guys like to overachieve and what better way to do this than to expose your penis to conditions that can make it even bigger and harder?

There is a strong temptation to use a penis pump more than it should be used. For penis pumping, less is always more. Achieve the results you want to see and then get going on what you have planned next. Otherwise, you may find yourself headed to the doctor, instead of headed toward an orgasm!

Tip #5: Shave Around Your Penis

Whether you use a water or an air pump, you’ve got to create an air-tight seal around your penis, so air or water can be drawn out of the tube. The trick to getting better results more quickly is to keep that vacuum for a minute or two without the need to re-pump, as this triggers the natural penis growth process due to the cell division inside. That’s why manscaping is so important! If pubic hair is in the way, then there is the potential to lose the seal and slow down your progress.

Tip #6: Don’t Wait To Use the Penis Ring

If you need to keep your bigger erection, then don’t delay in slipping on the restriction ring that will keep the blood you’ve drawn into your penile tissues in place. Not only will it help to keep your erection longer, but you’ll work on stretching out those tissues and, potentially, create a permanent size increase .

By incorporating these tips with your penis pumping every day, you’ll be able to achieve the consistent results you want, safely and securely. Over time, this can lead to a noticeably larger penis in size and girth! Are you ready to pump better today?

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