Vacuum Pump For ED – Safe Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

ED or erectile dysfunction can occur in men of any age for a number of reasons, but are is most prominent in older men and those who have certain health conditions such as diabetes or Peyronies as well as a variety of other issues including some psychological issues. While there are varieties of treatments for ED vacuum pumps for ED or VEDs are being heralded as one of the most natural and simplest instruments available to patients today.

Types of Penis Vacuum Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction

air-vaccum-deviceThe two main types of vacuum pumps for ED are the air and the hydro pump. The Air version of this device has been around for a good number of years. Hydro pumps are a more recent invention. Both devices are used to help treat erectile dysfunction as well as used by some men to increase the penis size.

hydro-deviceBoth the versions of this device are referred to as vacuum constriction devices or Vacuum erection devices (VEDs) and they work by increasing blood flow to the top two chambers of the penis resulting in an erection. Men who use vacuum pumps in treating Erection difficulties have reported anywhere from 50% to 80% satisfaction using these devices.

Conditions That Vacuum Pumps Are Best Used For

Like any methods of treatment of Erectile dysfunction, VEDs work better for some conditions than for others. ED conditions that best respond to these devices include:

  • Poor blood flow to the penis regardless of the cause.
  • Diabetes
  • ED that occurs after surgery for prostrate or colon cancer
  • Psychological issues

Benefits of Vacuum Pumps For ED Treatment

Using Vacuum pumps for erectile dysfunction does have some unique benefits. These benefits include:

  • Non-invasive treatment- unlike surgeries for ED, penis pumps are completely non evasive and almost entirely risk free.
  • Chemical Free- unlike Viagra and other medicines used to treat erectile dysfunction vacuum pumps do not put chemicals into the body that could have long term negative effects on your overall health.
  • Highly Affordable- Penis pumps are extremely affordable normally costing between $100 and $500. for a quality pump. This is usually a one time initial cost so you won’t continue paying for this treatment month after month.

Issues With Vacuum Pumps

Like every other treatment for Erectile dysfunction VEDs have their benefits and their issues. Some of the issues associated with penis pumps include:

  • Makes having spontaneous sex difficult (this is true of most of the other ED treatments as well.)
  • In some cases VEDs leave the penis purplish in color and feeling slightly cold and numb.
  • If you are using the ring with your penis pump ejaculation fluid may not flow from the penis during orgasm.
  • Some users report a decrease in the force of their ejaculation and bruising on the shaft.

While vacuum pumps for erectile dysfunction it is a good treatment option it is best to consult your Physician prior to using one.